Self project


DHB is a technical sports brand founded in Hampshire UK in 2004.  They design cycling apparel for novice and professional cyclists, as part of Wiggle they don't have a brand site to give more experience to the shoppers.

That's why we designed a new website that is focussed on the cycling clothing and based on not only product photo's but more on the experience and moments that cyclists have.



Start off with a simple navigation. Choose for men or women or take a search. On the homepage we show the new products and with a product highlighted. To give to customers more, we also keep up a blog. Let them read about; how to dress, climbs, how-to's, traveling etc. 


Overview page

This page is designed with the seasons in mind, so the filters and the product images are all based on the 'autumn, winter, spring and summer'. In the filter navigation you are able to switch between product images and the clothes in their natural environment. 


Product detail

With a big picture as we start the page, you are able to see the image clear and know what you are going to buy. If you scroll down, you see experience / moment image combined with product images.  We want our customers to see their self in our product on that epic climb or fast descent.